GSL-C20 Churros Machine

 Churro is a kind of snack food, strip pasta originated from Spain, which is the most characteristic of Spain snacks, often taste with the hot chocolate as well as the ice-cream, jam, full of charm and fragrance. It is also popular in, France, Portugal, the United States, Caribbean, Latin America and so on.


Making process:
Food material:Muffin Cake flour 1000g ,Salad,eggs ,hot dog and watter.

So easy so fun to produce a muffin hot dog : Muffin Cake flour 1000g,Salad,eggs and watter stir to be paste.then,put the paste into Pre-heat mold'Slot,just half.

Secondly,puting a hot dog on the paste,and pouring paste over the hot dog till the mold slot full of paste.roast them 3- 5minute.

Small Orders are Accepted.


1.its manual double churros machine,3-5 minutes can outlet 14 churros.

2.stainless steel 201 ,fit for food and good for health.

3. whole device is very convenient and favorable.

4.the models have long working-stroke, can make good shape of churros.

5.good packing from Guangzhou to the world!