GSL-C10 Churros Machine

Churros is a kind of snack food originated from Spain, which is the most characteristic of Spain snacks.People often taste Churros with hot chocolate,ice-cream, jam, full of charm and fragrance. Churros is also popular in France, Portugal, the United States, Caribbean, Latin America and so on.







Name: churros, churro machine, churro maker, churros machine with a 12L electric fryer, churros maker with 3 different models for different shapes(including solid one and hollow one)


Dimensions: 320×580×1120mm 

Capacity of churros filler:5L

Shelf size:910x210x310mm

Head of machine size:580x340x330mm





12L electric fryer



Fryer size: 620x510x360mm

Capacity of fryer:12L2

N.W(KG ):shelf+ head+ fryer=7.5+14+9.5=31kg

material: stainless steel(#201)


Features of the churros machine:
1.Stainless steel body looks luxury and elegant;
2.You can change the churros' shape and length at will;
3.Make breakfast for your families;
4.Small body make it suit to put in kitchen;
5.It can filling fruit jam;
6.Three style of models, which can produce 3 styles of churros (including the solid model and hollow model);
7.The models have long working-stroke, can make good shape of churros.img_0488